To all,

    Below is an email I received from Kate Lyons, sister of William Nash, murdered on Bloody Sunday. It explains the need for us to contact our elected US representatives and have them put pressure on the British government to release the Saville Report to the families at the same time the government receives it.

    Thanks in advance for your support.


Tim Myles

Ancient Order of Hibernians

New York State Board

Freedom For All Ireland Chairman


Sent: 2/23/2010 4:41:51 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Set The Truth Free


Hello Tim ..on behalf of my family i wanted to thank The A.O.H in the USA for their unswerving support of our campaign over the long years since Bloody Sunday happened. We are facing an uphill struggle right now in our efforts to get the Saville report at the same time as other interested party's. Its quite clear to us now that we will not be on a level playing field , as you probably know we have been given a date for the release of the report the week beginning the 22nd March, however , the secretary of state Shaun Woodward will hold the report for 2 weeks at least for the Northern Ireland Office and the Ministry of Defense to go through, highly detrimental to the full report coming out as it should , the way i believe Lord Saville would have wanted it to , i should think he would feel insulted at the idea that he would have made mistakes and therefore necessitate redactions. The other scenario we are facing is the timing of the report , the country will go to election and of course further delays. we are in full campaign mode right now and began with a press conference this morning . Lots of idea's and stuff we need to put into action almost immediately. I am making a request of you to please Alert the A.O.H in America or as many as you can to make approaches to their elected representatives to urge the British government to do right by the families, Its in their power  to do so , indeed Lord Saville could, if he so wished, take on that responsibility himself, nothing legally to stop him under the 1921 act that the Inquiry was set up under. We had an email from Shaun Woodward confirming about the M.O.D seeing the report and of course that gave us some ammunition for the press conference, there was an almost immediate response from the N.I.O. saying that they were doing their best to have the report delivered as soon as possible , We know now they have a different game plan .On a  lighter note , it was so nice to see all of you again, as i said to Mary Ryan in a letter i sent today , your faces are getting so familiar , again i thank all of you for your continued support ..My sincere regards ..Kate



To: Worthy Officers and Brothers of the Division

From: Patrick C. Tracey, NC AOH FFAI Chair 2010

Subject: NC AOH FFAI Program 2010


The purpose of the program is to promote information about the continuing struggle to unite Ireland to the AOH membership in NC and to support our Hibernian Brother and Sisters in Ireland in that struggle morally, spiritually, financially and with actions which are legal under US laws and regulations.


In order to have a fully functioning Program, we have asked that all Presidents appoint a FFAI Chairman for their Division or that a Division Officer be assign as part of their portfolio to liaison with the Committee. The name, address, telephone and e-mail of the Division contact should be e-mailed to Patrick Tracy by March 1, 2010. These Brothers will service as a FFAI State committee.


We suggest that Divisions participating in 2010 St Patrick’s Day community celebrations promote our FFAI message “One Island – One Ireland with Peace & Justice for All” whenever and wherever possible; an example of this would be an ad in a St Patrick’s Day event journal.


We encourage AOH members in NC, on either Sunday March 14 or 21 to request that their local parish pray for a Free United Ireland with Peace and Justice for All” during Mass. We believe that our State Chaplin Father Joe can offer us guidance in with this matter


We ask that Divisions consider when ordering wearing apparel in 2010 to incorporate the FFAI message on a shirt sleeve or the back of a cap.


The National AOH FFAI Committee conducts an annual Christmas Appeal for Northern Ireland with a $10 Club. Each Division is asked to collect $10 and the signature of each member of the Divisions. This year 2010, we ask that Divisions start this $10 Club right away with the goal of 100 % participation by every member by this year’s deadline.


Also as part of the Christmas Appeal, National requests that each Division donate a minimum of $100 in addition to money collect from the $10 Club. Again we ask each Division in NC to include in their 2010 budget a line item for such a contribution at years end.  


We have visited 2 Divisions, Wake County #1 and Guilford County #1 and attended the 1/23/2010 State Board meeting to talk about the NC AOH FFAI Program It is our plan to attend additional Division meetings during the first quarter this year.


We propose to have a Facebook page for the NC AOH FFAI and ask that space for information be made available on the State and Division web sites.


We believe the Program should support and have an active role in growth of the NC AOH by assisting in recruiting efforts and the chartering of new Divisions.